Allergen immunotherapy: a game changer for the allergic march?


Glenis K. Scadding, MD
Hon. Consultant Allergist & Rhinologist, ENT Department,
Royal National ENT Hospital , London and Hon.
Associate Professor in Dept. of Immunity and Infection,
University College London.

Ulrich Wahn, MD
Former Head, Department of Pediatric Pneumology and Immunology,
University Hospital Charité, Berlin, Germany.
Executive Board Member of the EUFOREA
(European Forum for Research and Education in Respiratory diseases and Allergies)

João Ferreira de Mello Jr, MD
Prof. Livre-Docente da FMUSP
Chefe do grupo de alergia em ORL do HC-FMUSP

Maria Cândida Rizzo, MD
Departamento de Alergia e Imunologia da UNIFESP

Tania Sih, MD, PhD, FACS (Hon)

The webinar will be May 18th next Tuesday at 7 PM  (Brasilia time) by Zoom.

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