Caring for the ears, nose, and throat of children

How do i know if my child has good hearing?
Why does my son/daughter feel so sick when we travel in a car?
Sinusitis in children
Is surgery on the throat (tonsils) something from the past?
My son/daughter always has his/her mouth open. Is that rhinitis? Adenoids?
After his/her soccer match, my son/daughter is always hoarse: is it some problem with the vocal cords?
Runny nose: is it the flu or an allergy?
What exactly is a virosis? A new antibiotic?

These and so many other questions that parents always have are answered in a simple and straightforward manner by the renowned ear, nose, and throat specialists dr. Tania sih and dr. Ricardo godinho. As children’s health problems can have a very sudden onset, it is important to have at hand a book that discusses all aspects of this branch of medicine. To make the search easier, this book was divided into short and informative chapters using clear and accessible language. In addition to diseases and alterations that children might have during their lives, this book will also help you face, with tranquility and knowledge, any possible disorders that can be corrected and to avoid negative repercussions that could appear later in life.


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