IV Manual of Pediatric Otorhinolaryngology

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01. Present and Future of Vaccination in the Prevention of Respiratory Diseases in Pediatrics
Francisco Giménez Sánchez
02. Recombinant Protein Vaccine to Prevent GAS (Group A Streptococcus pyogenes) and Consequently Tonsillitis, Rheumatic Fever and Glomeruronephitis
Jorge Kalil and Luiza Guilherme
03. Otorhinolaryngologic Applications of Xylitol
Lys Maria A. Gondim Almeida
04. PFAPA Syndrome (Periodic Fever, Adenitis,Pharyngitis, Apthous Stomatitis)
Marcelo Silber
05. HIV/AIDS and its Effects on Otorhinolaryngology
Heloisa Helena S. Marques
06. Fever – The Most Adequate Antipyretic and Recommended Dosing
Calil Kairalla Farhat
07. Value of the Hemogram (CBC) in Febrile Episodes
Vicente Odone Filho
08. Interactions Between Parents, Child, and Physician in Otitis Media Approach
Richard M. Rosenfeld
09. Medicine in the 21st Century: Marketing and Information
Ricardo Godinho and Tania Sih
10. Viral or Bacterial Tonsillitis?
Tania Sih
11. Diagnostic dilemmas between viral and bacterial tonsillitis
Round Table
12. The Role of Anaerobic Bacteria in Tonsillitis
Itzhak Brook
13. Tonsillectomy in Recurrent Tonsillitis: Yes or No?
Francisco Giménez Sánchez e Ellen Deutsch
14. Antibiotics or Surgery for Upper Respiratory Infections in Children
Anne Schilder
15. The Role of Adenotonsillar Hypertrophy in Mouth Breathing Syndrome
Round Table
16. Cervical Adenopathies
Agrício Crespo, Amarilis Meléndez, Jair Montovani, José Nélio Cavinato and Vicente Odone Filho
17 Acute Laryngitis in Childhood
Hany Simon Junior
18. Cidofovir for Recurrent Respiratory Papillomatosis
Seth M. Pransky
19. Viral or Bacterial Infection? Difference Between Theory and Current Practice
Otávio Piltcher
20. Smoking and Respiratory Diseases
João Paulo Becker Lotufo
21. Nasal Allergy in Children
Tania Sih
22. Nasofibroscopy in Children: Difficulties and How to Make it Easier
José A. Patrocínio and Lucas G. Patrocínio
23. Sinusitis: Diagnostic Difficulties and Differential Diagnosis
Round Table
24. Acute Bacterial Sinusitis -Protocol of the American Academy of Pediatrics
Ellen Wald
25. Nitric Oxide in the Nasal Airways: a New Dimension in Otorhinolaringology?
José Miguel Chatkin
26. The Role of the Immunologist in Rhinosinusitis
Charles Naspitz
27. Physical and Psychological Alterations Related to Nasal Obstruction in Children
Desiderio Passàli, Francesco M. Passàli and Luisa Bellussi
28. Swimming and Respiratory Diseases

Round Table

29. Chronic Rhinosinusitis
Teolinda M. de Morales and María Engracia Regalado
30. Nasal Obstruction and Headache: a Real Correlation?
Luisa Bellussi, Giulio Cesare Passàli and Desidério Passàli
31. Differential Diagnosis Between Cystic Fibrosis and Primary Ciliary Dyschinesia
Ximena Fonseca
32. Futurotology – Future of Otology
Carel D. A. Verwoerd
33. External Otitis
Moacyr Saffer
34. Colonization of Respiratory Airways by Streptococcus pneumoniae
Lucia Ferro Bricks and Eitan Berezin
35. Middle Ear, Mastoid and Otitis Media with Effusion
William Doyle
36. Some Thoughts on the Eustachian Tube
William Doyle
37. Should Acute Otitis Media (AOM) be Treated with Antibiotics?
Ron Dagan, Ellen Wald and Anne Schilder
38. Antibiotics for Acute Otitis Media in the Era of Bacterial Resistance
Ron Dagan
39. A Nasal Spray with Alpha-Haemolytic Streptococci as Long Term Prophylaxis against Recurrent Otit
is Media.

Krister Tano
40. Prevention of Recurrent AOM with Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccines
Ron Dagan
41. Otitis Media with Effusion: Update & Perspectives
Richard Rosenfeld
42. Ventilation Tubes Complications & Updates
Richard M. Rosenfeld
43. Chronic Non Cholesteatomatous Otitis Media in Childhood
Nelson Caldas, Alberto Chinski, Arthur Octávio Kós, Hélio Lessa, Sebastião Diógenes Pinheiro,
Sílvio Caldas Neto and Vinícius Cotta Barbosa
44. The Future of Ear Reconstruction
Roland D. Eavey
45. Hearing Evaluation in Children
Ricardo Godinho and Tania Sih
46. Integrity and Maturation of Auditory Pathways and Electrophysiological Diagnosis of Deafness
Doris R. Lewis
47. Genetic Hearing Loss
José Faibes Lubianca Neto
48. Ototoxicity, Otoprotection and Regeneration
José Antonio A. Oliveira
49. Auditory Neuropathy
Marcelo Ribeiro de Toledo Piza
50. Otitis Media and Hearing
Robert Ruben
51. Cochlear Implant
Round Table
52. Hearing, Communication and Mild Hearing Loss in Children
Iêda Chaves Pacheco Russo
53. The Importance of Understanding the Vocal Production Conditions in Children
Léslie Piccolotto Ferreira


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