To promote health by generating and disseminating knowledge with excellence of quality, guiding the actions within ethics and social responsibility.


The people involved in promoting health care and the children with pathologic conditions of the nose, ear and mouth or disorders in communication.


IAPO is a medical association created in 1995 that gathers delegates from 18 countries of the American Continent (especially Latin America). IAPO counts on approximately 7.800 members in 83 countries.


1. Scientific events (even through the Internet), such as congresses, symposiums and courses, with high scientific content and latest updating.
2. Periodical production and free-of-cost distribution of books to members, containing chapters by distinguished professionals who´s who of experts in pediatric otorhinolaryngology on five continents.
3. Active IAPO website (www.iapo.org.br) in three languages (Portuguese, Spanish and English) with scientific information (pediatric ENT courses and books online), allowing multidisciplinary networking among ENTs, pediatricians, infectious diseases specialists, pneumologists, allergists, immunologists, audiologists and researchers.
4. Medical projects in low-income areas (community services).
5. Development of products that foster physician-patient links.


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