VI Manual of Pediatric Otorhinolaryngology

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General Considerations

01 -The Role of Complementary and Alternative Medicine in Upper Respiratory Tract Infections in Childre
Paola Marchisio, Elena Baggi, Monica Ragazzi, Elisa Dusi & Sonia Bianchini
02 – PFAPA Syndrome (Periodic Fever, Adenoiditis, Pharyngitis, Aphtous Stomatitis). Understanding an Autoinflamatory Disease
Marcelo Silber
03 – Allergen-Specific Immunotherapy in the Treatment of Allergic Diseases
Ernesto Akio Taketomi & Meimei Guimarães Junqueira Queirós
04 – Inhalation and Respiratory Diseases
Nelson Augusto Rosário Filho, Herberto José Chong Neto & Tania Sih
05- Vaccination Schedule for Children and Adolescents in Brazil
Otávio Augusto Leite Cintra
06 – Apoptosis in Ear Nose & Throat
Teolinda Morales
07 – How is Fever and Pain Treated in Children with Acute Respiratory Infections?
Lucia Ferro Bricks
08 – Bacterial Interference
Frida Scharf de Sanabria

Mouth, Head & Neck

01 – Acute Pharyngo-tonsillitis
Tania Sih
02 – Adenoids and Tonsils: When to do the Surgery?
Renata C. Di Francesco
03 – Quality of Life and Sleep Breathing Disorders
Viviane Carvalho da Silva
04 – Recurrent Laryngeal Papillomatosis
Francis Sánchez de Losada
05 – Laryngomalacia – Clinical Approach and Surgery
Juan Camilo Ospina
06 – Branchial Anomalies: Etiology, Clinical Features and Management
Frederick K. Kozak & Juan Camilo Ospina
07 – Evaluation of the Disphonic Child
Guillermo Campos

Nose and Sinus 

01 – Pediatric Sinusitis
Scott C. Manning
02 – Indications for Surgery in the Pediatric Age Group Sinusitis
Scott C. Manning
03 – Endoscopic Sinus Surgery in the Pediatric Age Group
Scott C. Manning
04 – Rhinitis in Childhood: Its Changes Throughout the Years
Olavo Mion
05 – Corticosteroids in Children
Javier Dibildox
06 – The Crooked Nose and its Functional Surgical Correction
Armando González Romero
07 – Indications and Contraindications for Septoplasty in Children
Fulvio Verucchi & Carlos Alberto Caropreso
08 – The Lacrimal Outflow in Children
Manuel Tomás Barberán, Santiago Tomás Barberán & Manuel Bernal Sprekelsen


01 – Otitis Externa
Tania Sih
02 – Acute Otitis Media: Why do we Need an Update?
Peggy Kelley
03 – Two Critical Questions Must be Answered Before Starting Antibiotic Treatment for Acute Otitis Media
Andrés Sibbald
04 – Management of Otitis Media
Jack Paradise & Tania Sih
05 – Tympanic Atelectasis and Retraction Pockets
Héctor Rondón Cardoso
06 – Chronic Otitis Media
Alberto Chinski & Hernán Chinski
07 – Mastoidectomy in Children – Selection of Surgical Technique and Preoperative Preparation
Ricardo Godinho, Lucas Vasconcellos Gonçalves, José Fa
ibes Lubianca Neto & Roland Eavey
08 – Tympanostomy Tubes and Water
Moacyr Saffer & Maurício S. Miúra

Hearing and Communication Disorders in XXI Century

01 – Auditory Brainstem Implant in Children
Vicente Diamante & Norma Pallares
02 – Genetic Hearing Loss in Childhood and Oxygen Reactive Species
Ricardo Godinho, Roland Eavey & José Faibes Lubianca Neto
03 – Genetic Hearing Loss in Children
José Faibes Lubianca Neto & Ricardo Godinho


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