VIII Manual of Pediatric Otorhinolaryngology

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General Considerations

01. Assessing Fitness to Dive in Children and Adolescents Relevance to Otolaryngologists
Julia Vent and Ralph Möesges
02. Microorganism (Helicobacter pylori) Related with Asthma, Obesity and Cancer of the Esophagus in Children
Tania Sih
03. Otorhinolaryngologic Manifestations of Eosinophilic Esophagitis in Children
Dana Thompson
04 The Relevance of Bioclimatology to the Health of Airways
Marcelo Miguel Hueb
05. Public Health and Prevention of Foreign Bodies Injuries: the Experience of the European Registry “Susy Safe”
Dario Gregori
06. The Role of Biofilm Infections in Pediatric ENT Patients
Christopher Post and Lys M. A. Gondim
07. Children with Facial Differences: The Problem of Tonsils and Adenoids
Ricardo N. Godinho, Giancarlo Cherobin and Tania Sih
08. Anesthesia for Pediatric Otorhinolaryngology
Eliana Laurenti, Márcio Brudniewski and Sérgio de Rezende Séspede

Mouth, Head & Neck

09. Drooling Children
Anna H. Messner
10. Bilateral Submandibular Duct Relocation with High Frequency Radiosurgery
Gábor Katona, Zsuzsa Csákányi, Anikó Lörincz and Imre Gerlinger
11. Ear, Nose and Throar Disorders and DRGE
Michael J. Rutter
12. Stridor in Children
Michael J. Rutter
13. Laryngeal Cleft: Evaluation and Management
Heather Nardone and Reza Rhabar
14. A Comprehensive Approach to Evaluating the Pediatric Larynx
Ellen M. Friedman and Tulio A. Valdez
15. Vocal Fold Immobility in the Pediatric Patient
Ellen M. Friedman and Tulio A. Valdez
16. Management of Group A Pharyngeal Streptococcal Infection
David H. Darrow and Luíz Bellízia Neto
17. Hot versus Cold Tonsillectomy
Anna H. Messner and Aurelio Maldonado
18. Managing Swallowing Disorders in Children
Dayse Manrique

Nose and Sinus

19. Electronic Nose
Tania Sih and Erica Thaler
20. Nasal Obstruction in Childhood
Marcos Mocellin, Luciana Gabardo Stahlke and Marcelo Mocellin
21. The Importance of Nasal Hygiene in Children
Tânia Sih
22. Update on Chronic Rhinosinusitis in Children
Teolinda Mendoza de Morales
23. Introduction of Oral Vitamin D Supplementation and the Rise of the Allergy Pandemic
Mathias Wjst


24. External Otitis
Peggy E. Kelley
25. MRSA and Otorrhea
Peggy Kelley
26. Congenital Cholesteatoma
Luiz Carlos Alves de Souza
27. Resistance to Streptococcus pneumoniae in Brazil
Eitan Berezin
28. Otitis Media in Latin America
Adriano Arguedas
29. Chronic Otitis Media
Nelson Caldas, Alberto Chiski, Humberto Guimarães, Sebastião Diógenes Pinheiro and Shiro Tomita
30. Dizziness in Children
Gavin Morrison

Hearing and Communication Disorders in the XXI Century

31. Evaluation of Music-Induced Hearing Loss in Young People Using a Web-Based Survey Technique
Maria de Lourdes Quintanilla-Dieck, Maria Alexandra Artunduaga and Roland D. Eavey
32. Optimizing Learning – the Vital Role of the Otolaryngologist
Robert J. Ruben
33. Coclear Implant
Rubens de Brito Neto (Brazil), Javier Cervera (Spain),John Graham (United Kingdom), Leopoldo Cordero (Argentina) and Luiz Lavinsky (Brazil)
34. Cochlear Implantation in Children with Additional Disability: A Closer Look at Cognitive Delay
Luthiana F. Carpes and Fred Kozak
35. Mouth-Breathing Seen by Speech-Language Pathologists (SLP) in Their Practices
Debora Gampel


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