World Audition Day 2020, under the slogan “Listen for life”

On World Hearing Day 2020, WHO will insist on the idea that effective and timely intervention can help people affected by hearing loss to realize their full potential and will call attention to the options available for it.

Main messages of World Audition Day 2020:

  • at all stages of life, communication and good hearing health connect us with others, with our community and with the world;
  • appropriate and timely interventions can make it easier for people with hearing loss to access education, employment and communication;
  • in the world there is not enough access to interventions to treat hearing loss, such as hearing aids;
  • Health systems must offer early interventions.

Download the folder “How to help my son”.


Download here the flyer “There is no otolaryngologist or audiologist where I live. What I can do?


Download the folder “Campaign infographic”.


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