X Manual of Pediatric Otorhinolaryngology

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General Considerations

1. Cleft Lip and Palate – an Overview for Otorhinolaryngologists
Michael Klaassen and Rory Maher
2. Vitamin D and the Respiratory Tract – Emerging Roles in Immune
Jim Bartley and Carlos Artur Camargo Junior
3. Otolaryngologic Manifestations in Children with Down Syndrome
Sally Shott
4. Anaerobic Bacteria in Upper Respiratory Tract and Head and Neck
Infections in Children: Microbiology and Management
Itzhak Brook
5. Orofacial Pain
Jim Bartley
6. A Model of Change to Evidence Based Practice by Implementing and Auditing Evidence Based Protocols in Otolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery
Deepa Bhargava, Kamlesh Bhargava and Rashid Al-Abri
7. Persistent Cough in Pediatric Patients
Frida S. de Sanabria

Mouth, Head & Neck

1. PANDAS Syndrome (Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsyquiatric Associated with Streptococcal Infection) Update: a Skeptic Converted. The Intersection of the Art and Science Medicine
Linda J. Dindzans
2. Vascular Anomalies in the Pediatric Patient
Patricia B. Ogando, Karen Watters and Trevor J. McGill
3. Anaerobic Bacteria in Tonsillitis
Itzhak Brook
4. Evaluation of Pediatric Neck Masses
Peter C. Revenaugh and Paul Krakovitz
5. Paediatric Sleep Disordered Breathing
Alan T. L. Cheng
6. Is There an Indication for Curettage Adenoidectomy in the 21st Century?
Alexandria Thomas and Harvey Coates
7. Congenital Sinus of the Piriform Fossa
Federico Murillo González and Luis Diego Vilchez Madrigal
8. Laryngopharyngeal Reflux and Dysphagia
Myrian Adriana Pérez García and Teolinda Mendoza de Morales

Nose and Sinus

1. Sinusitis in Children: a Pediatric Infectious Diseases Perspective
Itzhak Brook and Luiz Bellízia Neto
2. Pediatric Acute and Chronic Rhinosinusitis: an ENT
Scott Manning
3. Infection or Allergy?
João Ferreira de Mello Júnior
4. The Neonatal and the Infant Nose
Karen A. Hawley and Paul Krakovitz
5. Pediatric Sinus Headache: Diagnosis and Therapeutic Dilemas
J. Pablo Stolovitzky


1. ENT Manifestations of Mucopolysaccharoidoses
Zenia Chow, Graeme Jones and Harvey Coates
2. New Guidelines for AOM Treatment in Sweden
Marie Gisselsson Solén and Anne Hermanson
3. Streptococcus pneumoniae Advances in Vaccines
Samantha King
4. Microbiology of Spontaneous Otorrhea in Italian Children with Acute Otitis Media: a Ten-year Study
Paola Marchisio, Elena Baggi, Sara Torretta, Miriam Fattizzo, Giada
Albertario, Lorenzo Pignataro, Nicola Principi and Suzanna Esposito
5. Bacterial Biofilm and Intracellular Bacteria: What Does this Mean for the Practicing Otolaryngologist?
Ruth Thornton and Harvey Coates
6. Balance Disorders in Children
Michael S. Cohen and Margaretha Casselbrant

Hearing and Communication Disorders in the XXI Century

1. Recognizing Attention and Executive Function Problems in Deaf and Hard of Hearing Individuals
Betsy Kammerer and Peter Isquit
2. Comprehensive Evaluation with Children who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing
Terrell A. Clark
3. Contemplating the Role of Genetic Hearing Loss in Developing Countries
Geoff Schreiner, James E. Saunders and Ricardo Vera
4. The Prevention of Otoxicity in Developing Countries
Geoff Schreiner



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